Gardening Equipment

  • Mini diggers
  • Rotavators (5HP or 8HP)
  • DIY equipment hire
  • Concreting equipment
  • Hedge trimmers (std & long)
  • Chain saws (14″ and 20″)
  • Lawn mowers
  • Lawn scarifier
  • Stump grinders
  • Shredders
  • Pole pruners
  • Rotavators
  • Leaf blowers
  • Turf removers

Gardening equipment for hire in Leeds

Are you thinking of trimming the hedges in your garden on your own? Do you need dedicated gardening tools?

At Moat Plant Hire & Sales, we offer you a variety of garden equipment that range from trimmers to strimmer and from leaf blowers to mowers. Whether you wish to start a do-it-yourself project for home improvement or simply wish to try your hand at gardening, we are here to equip you with the right tools.

Block Paving Scrubber

Our block paving cleaner powered by a Honda engine for the removal of weeds, moss and debris from hard surfaces without chemicals or water.

Brush Cutter – Petrol

Our Stihl brush cutters can quickly tame long grass and undergrowth with great ease. It is easy-to-use, lightweight and convenient.

Hedge Trimmer Long Reach

 Our Stihl high performance long reach hedge trimmers are suitable for professional gardeners, landscapers and contractors. Well balanced and light, this tool is perfect for tall hedges and working close to the ground.

Chainsaw 14” Petrol/Electric

Our Stihl compact chainsaw fuelled an economic 2-MIX petrol engine. It is suited to the domestic cutting of thicker logs for firewood and maintenance. Fitted with a 14-inch bar and chain.
Avaliable in Petrol & Electric.

Hedge Trimmer 240V

Electric trimmer is used for fast and efficient trimming and shaping of garden hedges.

Hedge Trimmer Petrol

Our STIHL petrol hedge trimmers are ideal for park, garden and landscape maintenance. They are characterised by their hard-wearing construction and practical features.

Lawn Mower 19” Petrol

Our Viking Mower is a powerful reliable petrol lawn mower, with catch box design

Leaf Blower

Our Stihl leaf blower is suitable for clearing large areas of leaves and grass.

Lawn Scarifier – Petrol

Our Viking Scarifier removes moss, thatch and weeds over the long term. As a result, the ground gets more air and the roots are better supplied with water and nutrients.

Lawn Turf Remover

The Machine is ideal for removing turf from a large area. Ideal for replacing low quality lawn or preparing for artificial turf. The turf cutter is simple and easy to use.

Pole Pruner -Petrol

Our Stihl pole pruner is perfect for tree maintenance & the professional gardener. Even thick branches can be cut with very little effort.

Post Hole Borer – Petrol

Our Post Hole Borers, are lightweight and powerful machines suitable for digging holes for fences and posts.

Post Hole Borer – Manual

This tool will provide a neat post hole with minimum effort.
The manual way is fine for soft earth/soil depending how many hole you are digging.

Rotavator 5hp – Petrol

This rugged and reliable machine is ideal for cultivating allotments and gardens and is also capable of providing a great finish in previously uncultivated ground.

Rotavator 8hp – Petrol

This rotavator is a powerful, 8hp rotavator perfect for larger jobs.
With forward and reverse gears this machine is incredibly easy to use

Shredder 240v – “Max 1” Branch

This Shredder has with a powerful motor and special noise-reducing blade system, it processes thicker branches into chippings that are ideal for composting.
A short, inclined feed chute and patented clover leaf opening make feeding effortless.

Shredder 50mm – Petrol

Our petrol shredder is great for reducing large amounts of green waste and tree branches.

Shredder 75mm – Petrol

Our petrol shredder is great for reducing large amounts of green waste and tree branches.

Strimmer Petrol

Ideal for tackling grassy areas around the garden or at the allotment.

Petrol Stump Grinder

This machine provide a commercial-grade solution for your stump cutting needs.